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Offering ‘Super-Pulsed’ Cold Laser Treatments and Laser Acupuncture

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MBT® Fitness Shoes

MBT® Shoes Align the Spine While Providing an Intense Core Workout!

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EmWave2® State-of-the-Art Neurofeedback Promotes Significant Measurable EKG ‘Coherance’ leading to Stress Reduction and Increased Performance.  Video [Below]

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....Holistic ‘Wellness Center’

Sacred Healing Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing

Medi-Fit® Natural Goods Store & Wellness Ctr.

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Chinese Herbal TInctures are a modern way of administering powerful herbal medications without having to brew on a stovetop, and are much faster acting than pills or capsules.  Often combined with laser or needle acupuncture.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercise is an excellent complement to traditional exercise with benefits including increased muscle mass, improved circulation, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and mobility.

Lose weight more effectively by increasing lean muscle mass.  Studies show that increasing lean muscle mass makes the body more fuel efficient by burning more calories throughout the entire day; not just during a workout.  The more calories the body is able to burn, the higher the potential is for dramatic weight loss.

Offering Chinese Herbal Therapy

[$79 - $229]

Bamboo clothing and bedding is so soft next to a baby’s skin.

Whole Body Vibration

Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver®

Shambhala Solar Form Pendant

Electro-Meridian Imaging (EMI)

[Treatments... $45 - $79]

‘Super-Pulsed’ Laser produces a high power level of impulse light at a billionth of a second that drives the photons, or light energy, to the target tissue, up to 4 - 5 inches deep.  The high peak power of up to 25,000mW creates a higher photon density, delivering the highest concentration of photons and providing the deepest tissue penetration.  Super pulsed laser influences pain reduction and the improvement of microcirculation.

Over 200+ conditions can be treated effectively!!

  1. Pain Relief without Narcotics

  2. Increased Energy and Overall Health

  3. Digestion and Elimination issues

  4. Decreases Muscle Stiffness and Soreness

  5. No Known Side Effects

  6. Is Safe and Non-invasive

Thank You for Your Interest!

Very simply, the EMI™ measures the 24 meridian points on the body using a computer probe and interface module, and automatically enters, graphs, and analyzes those points, allowing the physician to have reliable and duplicatable results, in a way that is easy for the patient to understand and make use of.

[Herbal Consultation $49 plus cost of tinctures $20 per 1 oz bottle]

[EMI consultation $75 incl. charts and graphs]

[Sessions $15 for up to 20 minutes]

[Offerings for Etheric Weavers $90- $255 depending on silver- gold- copper wire and size of quartz crystal]

[Offerings for Shambhala Pendants $575 and up]

Directions from 29: 

turn onto ‘Hartmann Road’, then left onto ‘Coyote Valley Road’, right into Coyote Valley Professional Plaza.

[To Hold, or Pendants (right) to Wear... All Tools Designed by Buddha Maitreya and Handcrafted by His Monks at the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery Located Near Cobb in Lake County.]